Key Stage 4

Secondary 3 – 5 / Pre-University

Learning Objectives
Pupils will:
  • Revise information-gathering strategies to retrieve and organise information from various sources
  • Evaluate information in terms of credibility and relevance for a specific purpose
  • Present and communicate information and ideas clearly
  • Address cyber wellness issues (skills and values from earlier key stages should be continuously reinforced)
ICT Focus
Pupils will be able to:
  • Locate, evaluate and synthesize reliable information from multiple Internet sources
  • Communicate, collaborate and distribute media using the Internet
  • Manipulate multimedia elements and create a range of media products
  • Analyse and interpret data using spreadsheets
  • Employ ICT tools independently to collect, export and process different kinds of data and media
Skill Areas Examples of Application
Learning with Searches (H)
Internet navigation and search
Locate, select and use resources (e.g. online public libraries, encyclopedias) to enhance learning of curriculum topics (e.g. simulation to explore the effects of changing conditions such as a Tsunami)
  Use and analyse (e.g. compare and contrast) information from various sources to complete assignments and project work
Learning with Text (T)
Word processing
Use the word processor frequently with accuracy and efficiency to complete assignments
  Organise ideas for different purposes (e.g. publications such as newsletters, pamphlets and reports)
Learning with Multimedia (M)
Production and manipulation of multimedia content
Use the presentation tool frequently to organise and present information and ideas
Learning with Spreadsheet (S)
Data management and processing
Process data and interpret results to draw inferences (e.g. number patterns and what if analysis)
  Plan and design spreadsheets based on a scenario to solve a problem (e.g. which loan package to purchase)
Learning with Communication Tools (C)
Online communication
Use online means frequently to exchange data, work together and share media within and beyond the classroom
Learning with Data Collection Tools (D)
Data collection and transfer
Select and use appropriate ICT tools to measure, collect and process data to support an investigation (e.g. collect sound and images to recreate rainforest ecology online)
Suggested Evidence
- Softcopies or print-outs of pupils’ work
- Digital portfolio (e.g. pupil folder or project website)
- Online journal (e.g. blog, forum, wiki, audioblog, podcast)
Cyber Wellness Areas Code Cyber Wellness Skills and Values Explanatory Notes
Ethical and Legal Use C4 Respect Intellectual Property
  • Practise common ethical guidelines and conventions in using and presenting information content (e.g. crediting sources, citing references, bibiographies, rejecting plagiarism, presenting accurate information)
Safe and Responsible Use C8 Verify Information Sources
  • Consult reliable sources in research and verify the accuracy, currency and completeness of information across a range of sources
  • Useful Links: